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NEW!All our fan heaters are equipped with three-row heat exchangers.
And now the price of 1 kW capacity is cheaper!

Industrial water fan heaters “ATOM”
Main characteristics              *The characteristics for calculation
Parameters Unit AHU-10 AHU-15 AHU-20 AHU-40
Heat output
at temperature 95/80, air temperature - 0 гр.С
kW 17,2 27,4 40,9 67,7
Air consumption м3/h 1500 2100 4200 5500
Air discharge temperature oC 50 50 50 50
Heat carrier pressure bar 3 3 3 3
Size: mm 350*417*170 435*530*235 520*570*190 730*730*270
Fan power on third speed W 145 140 180 420
Source voltage V 220 220 220 220
Noise pressure at third speeddb 62 62 68 68
Weight kg 13 16 23 36
The PRICE of basic kit euro 230 270 332 504

Fan heater - 1 pc.
Power supply - 1 pc.
Three-speed thermoregulator - 1 pc.
Mounting bracket - 1 pc.
Passport - 1 pc.
Packing - 1 pc.
  • distichous copper-aluminum heat exchanger;
  • the frame is galvanized and it is covered by high quality epoxy dye;
  • the fan heater does not require additional devices in basic kit;
  • domestic details.

Look where our fan heaters work : on a large map

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Water fan heater Industrial water fan heaters fan heaters are designed for heating of large buildings such as selling spaces, sports and industrial halls,storehouses, garages, workshops, greenhouses, repair shops.
Fan heaters are indispensable for periodic, temporary or programmed control heating owing to their ability to heat a large amount of air in a short period of time.
Fan heaters which work in water heating system can use heat of cheap energy carriers, and in such way the cost of heating reduces in 2 - 10 times.

Fan heaters "АТОМ" are equipped by:

Heat exchanger
  1. Triple copper heat exchanger with aluminum ribbing which has highly-developed surface of heat transfer.
  2. The frame is made of galvanized steel which is covered by polymerous paint. The paint provides good defense from corrosion.
  3. Fan heaters are equipped by three-speed power regulator which throttle down of fan up to reach predetermined temperature and when the temperature will be achieved – the power regulator turns off the fan. In addition:
    • the fan works with maximum power for heating the building,
    • the fan works with minimal noise for maintaining the temperature.
  4. Controlled air grille regulates air flow direction.
  5. Fan heaters are installed on walls (columns) in a vertical position and on ceiling (girders) in a horizontal position. Heat exchanger
  6. Fan heaters can be used in dry, wet and damp rooms. For preparation of a fan heater for work it is necessary to connect it to hot-water main and power supply.
  7. Our fan heaters are made of domestic and CIS components and they are corresponding to Ukrainian standards. Low noise level ensures comfortable using of the equipment.

Thermal power line is selected from the conditions of complete coverage of heating zones which are served by a single device.

Owing to using the domestic components our fan heaters are reliable. They have reasonable price and they are easy maintainable and repair.

If customer has personal requirements then fan heaters are equipped with:
AHU ATOM - weekly programmed regulator,
- equipment of smooth regulation of consumption heat energy,
- explosion-proof fan,
- fan with power from 12 V,
- flanges for connection of air circuit,
- recuperators of heat,
- filters,
or fan heaters can be reequipped to:
- forced ventilation device with heating to determined temperature,
- device for cooling process flows,
- oil cooler (up to 30 bar),
- flow fan heaters, which are fit into the ventilation systems,
- destratificator (devices that do not allow the warm air to accumulate at the top),
- air heating units, which have heating power up to 300 kW,
- coils which are designed according to customer's drawings,
- fan heaters can be painted in appointed color (by RAL).

The kitting by single speed thermostat RQ-01 is available in the buildings which have not exclusive standards to the noise.
In such way the cost of the kit is reduced by 26 euros.

First of all comfortable climate is the ambient temperature.
Fan heater (air heating unit) heats the air performing the main function of the heating system without intermediate transformations of energy without losing it on the heating of the tubes, radiators, building constructions and surfaces. Fan heaters utilisation allow significantly reduce power inputs, water heating installation system expenses, it does not occupy a useful place in the premises (it can hang on walls, columns, or on the ceiling). It is able to serve large areas.
Large active heat exchange surface removes maximum heat quantity from the heat transfer agent, which is impossible in other heating devices. It allows to use the fan heaters in modern energy conservative water heating systems with low-temperature heat transfer agent where heat pump or condensing boiler is heat generator.
But the greatest effect from the fan heaters use is achieved under needing to provide comfort conditions for the minimum time (in the conditions of periodic work or programmed temperature control).Because of its low inertness, fan heater rapidly heats the huge quantity of air, and when it has reached the determined temperature it becomes disconnected or throttles back.

Water fan heaters can be used in rooms with different purposes where there is a source of hot water. For example in industrial rooms for temporary or permanent heating places of work, storage facilities, shops, dwelling houses, farm buildings.

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